Rep. Tyler August“Dan Necci is a man of conservative principles and conviction. He knows the law and his experience will serve the people of Walworth County well as circuit court judge.”
-Rep. Tyler August, 32nd Assembly District




Justice Rebecca Bradley“Dan Necci believes in the rule of law. I know he will work tirelessly for the people of Walworth County and will apply the law in a fair, ethical and independent manner.”
-Justice Rebecca Bradley




Justice Michael Gableman“If given the privilege of your vote for Walworth County Circuit Court Judge, Dan Necci will put his attributes of hard work, courage and sense of fairness to work for you. He will serve all citizens of Walworth County and all who appear before him fairly and impartially. He will be mindful of the obligation to hold offenders accountable while at the same time honoring the rights of all citizens who appear before him. In short, Dan Necci will be an outstanding Circuit Court Judge.”
-Justice Michael Gableman


Justice Annette ZieglerJustice Annette Ziegler





Justice David ProsserJustice David Prosser





Representative Samantha KerkmanRepresentative Samantha Kerkman





Representative Cody HorlacherRepresentative Cody Horlacher